You will need
  • - baking soda
  • - chamomile
If your child suffers from allergies, the drug for inhalation treatments, choose with great caution. Do not perform the inhalation, if the body temperature of your baby exceeding 37 o C. Those children who have nosebleeds, inhalation is generally contraindicated. It is impossible to do inhalation and if your child has diseases related to respiratory or cardiac failure. Before beginning procedures, you should consult with your pediatrician.
Children who have not yet turned one year old, it is difficult to carry out inhalation of the usual "old-fashioned" way, because you cannot have them breathing "through a straw". For these young children it is better to use a special inhaler is the nebulizer.
You can fearlessly apply for procedure a solution of soda, it is the most harmless inhalation, which is suitable for kids. Take ten grams of baking soda and dissolve them in five hundred milliliters of water. If desired, a soda can replace mineral alkaline water. With this inhalation of a dry cough will be more productive and mucous membranes of the respiratory organs soften.
By using inhalation with chamomile is possible to save the baby from inflammation and destroy pathogens. Inhalation with chamomile conduct for inflammation in the bronchi, in the lungs and in the ENT organs. To prepare the solution take fifteen grams of chamomile and steep it in a Cup of boiling water. Then hold the solution in steam for thirty minutes, dilute with another pint of boiling water, then allow the solution to cool.
In the treatment of bronchitis good help inhalation of alcohol tinctures of calendula or eucalyptus. These tinctures are available at almost any pharmacy. Take 25 milliliters of water and add 22 drops of tincture.
Inhalation baby need maximum caution, especially when you're already dilute the cooled solution with boiling water. Much safer for these purposes to purchase modern apparatus for inhalation.