Sore throat is not a disease. It's a symptom, a manifestation of many different diseases. To establish that the pain was the throat, on several grounds, the main of which - the refusal of the child from drinking, Breasts, food, noisy swallowing, muscle tension of the chest throat. There are also indirect signs: the child becomes languid, listless, his temperature rises, there is a fever, it cries a lot and doesn't pay attention to clothes and toys, previously interested him.
In order to be certain that pain's throat, look the child in the mouth during crying or taking a clean spoon at room temperature, gently press the root of the tongue and look in the throat. If it is red, covered with bloom, you need to call the doctor. But until his coming you can help your baby. You can easy give antipyretic (syrup or rectal suppositories), drinking plenty of fluids, preferably chamomile tea, as this plant has a strong disinfectant action.

After, especially if the doctor must come on the next day, you can make the inhalation of medicinal herbs using the steam inhaler, or give the child to breathe the saline solution through the nebulizer to moisten the inflamed mucosa. You can also drip into the ears of special drop - in children the Eustachian tube connecting the inner ear with the pharynx, is short, so the inflammation almost always goes to the ears.
Good and proven remedy is alcohol compress on the neck. Dilute vodka with water one to two, soak the gauze, put on the front of the neck, cover with a suitable sized sheet of parchment paper (you can take the baking paper) and tie a cotton handkerchief. Leave for a few hours.
But these are all ways to ease the pain until then, until the doctor comes, who will make the diagnosis and prescribe appropriate in this case, the treatment for your child.