To inhalation helped the body cope with the disease and is not harmed, you need to know some rules of this procedure.

General rules of the inhalation

The most important thing is to focus on the procedures and to follow your breath. When cold the vapor is necessary to breathe only a nose, coughs and diseases of the throat the mouth. Take a deep breath, hold your breath for 2 seconds, exhale.

The procedure is carried out not earlier than in 1,5 hours after a meal for adults, 1 hour for children under 6 years and 30 minutes for children up to 1 year, after inhalation for 1 hours can not eat, drink or smoke. In the preparation do not use boiling water, the water temperature is not higher than 57 degrees. Time – no more than 10 minutes for adults and not longer than 3 minutes for children. If you breathe in the vapor longer, drops of liquid will begin to accumulate in the lungs.

For the procedure you can use special devices (nebulizers) or pan. In the treatment of cough water is added to baking soda, a collection of peppermint, sage, Linden, chamomile, mother and stepmother, raspberry. From a sore throat will help inhalation with pine, eucalyptus or fir oil, thyme, chamomile, lavender, oregano. When cold, the doctors suggest breathing menthol, pine, fir oil, birch leaf, oak, peppermint, eucalyptus, black currant.

The features of the "hot" and "cold" inhalation

When cold inhalation in a nebulizer filled with only one dose of the drug, the time of the procedure – no more than 5 minutes.

One session of hot inhalation to 10 minutes. For the procedure, you cannot use medicines that are stored at temperatures above 25 degrees. You also need to monitor closely the proportions of herbs and drugs.

Contraindications for inhalation

Inhalation should not be done at an elevated temperature, circulatory failure, high blood pressure. Is strictly prohibited to carry out the procedure in purulent inflammation and tendency to bleeding from the nose. Doctors are not prohibited from making inhalation a crying baby, but this should not be abused.

Inhalation is an effective treatment for viral and bacterial diseases. One of the advantages is the opportunity to be treated at home. But each procedure has its contraindications, so before conducting inhalation need to consult with your doctor.