Many prefer inhalations with mineral water, as I do not accept drugs on a chemical basis. Someone has corny allergies to medication, and therefore forced to use mineral water. In any case, the doctors believe this tool is highly effective and is recommended by inhalation, not only in hospital but also at home.
For conducting inhalation, any suitable alkaline mineral water"Essentuki", "Narzan", "Borjomi", etc.). Before the procedure it is important to release gases from the water, you have to pour it from the bottle into a glass and allow to settle several hours. You can occasionally stir the water with a spoon, in this case, the gases will come out of it much faster.
You can spend inhalations in two ways: using an inhaler without him.
Inhaler considerably facilitates the procedure because its use does not require any additional preparations. Just add 3-5 ml of mineral water in the reservoir of an inhaler and to breathe the fumes for three minutes. The procedure should be performed at least three times a day at intervals of not less than four hours. Before and after inhalation, it is important to refrain from eating and walking for an hour and a half.
In the absence of inhaler warm mineral water to 40-50 degrees, bent over the container and cover your head with a towel. This is to ensure that no steam escapes in all directions, and fell directly into the lungs. When conducting inhalation breathe with your mouth, the only way to achieve the effect in the treatment of broncho-pulmonary diseases. The duration and frequency of the procedure is still the same: three minutes, three times a day.