You will need
  • - new dipped beam;
  • - wrenches;
  • - screwdriver;
  • - cotton gloves;
  • - alcohol.
Place the vehicle on a level surface. Open the hood. Remove the negative terminal protective cover. Using the key, Unscrew the nut of the terminal. Remove the terminal from the battery, thereby de-energized the power supply system of the vehicle. This precaution will help to avoid short-circuit.
Examine the book on the operation of the car Lada Kalina. It describes the procedure for replacing the lamp near and far light. Remove the headlamp Assembly from the connector. To do this, locate all the screws that secure it to the body. Gently remove them after memorizing the location of each of them. Don't mix up the screws when reassembling, otherwise you risk damaging the socket and the thread.
Locate the connector wires on the back side. Disconnect it.
Remove the headlamp housing from the connector with little effort. Wipe the headlight, as her body may be a lot of dust and dirt. On the back side locate the rubber plug. Remove it from the hole.
Disconnect the terminals from the bulb, remembering their location. Next you need to unfasten the latch. Latch is a small piece of wire holding the lamp. Gently slide it down half a centimeter.
Pull the old lamp out of the groove. Install a new one. In any case do not touch with bare hands the surface of the new lamp not to leave a greasy residue! Otherwise it will burn out when first turned on.
If you touched the bulb with your bare hand, then wipe the glass with alcohol. Assemble the headlight in the reverse order and install it in place. Check the efficiency of the new lamp.