You will need
  • - chalk
  • roulette
At the direction of the light beam is influenced by many factors: the condition of the suspension, lamps in the headlights, and tire pressure. Check the condition of these items, and upon detection of any fault repair such. Make sure that the tire pressure was the same. The darkened lamp replace with the new one.
Fill the car with fuel, filling the tank only half volume. To produce more accurate adjustment, make sure that someone helped you. The duties of the assistant include the landing on the driver's seat during configuration of the lighting devices.
Select for holding the headlight adjustment is smooth (not less than 7.5 m) with the adjacent wall or gate. Get the car very close to the wall and chalk project on its surface the middle of the front of the car and the center of each headlight.
Measure out from the wall with a tape measure seven and a half meters and a little way in this place install a stick or pole. Impound the car back from the wall to the mark. Between the centers of the headlamps are marked on the wall, swipe a straight line connecting them. And in themselves the marks of centres guide on the same vertical line.
Down from the horizontal line retreat of 7.5 cm and draw another one, parallel to the first. You can also transfer to the wall all the above lines using a ruler. It is enough to fit the car close to the wall, mark the center front of the body. Then you need to measure with tape measure the distance between the headlamps and headlamp to the ground and transfer them to the wall.
Turn on the lights. Each should be adjusted individually. Cover the right headlight a sheet of cardboard and adjust the left, moving the reflector horizontally and vertically with the screws.
Notice that the vertex of the angle in the light spot should coincide with a vertical line drawn through the projected onto the wall centre lights. The upper limit of the beam should be brought to the lower horizontal line. Then cover the cardboard left headlight and adjust it the same way.