Primarily spend upgrading the brake system. For car of the XXI century the braking distance from 100 km/h in 48 meters — the result of a failure. So do not spare money on completion of the brake, especially if you increase the power of the motor. The ideal option would be disc brakes on all wheels, front ventilated place, with four piston calipers. Tuning kits are available for a long time Way the tenth of the family and come to the "Kalina" without changes.
To install just powerful brakes and change the wheels of the car on 16-inch. At the same time it will allow you to install a wide low-profile tires with high performance characteristics. Unlike other car models Vase wheel arches "Cranberry" does not require revision for use of wheels with a rim diameter up to 16 inches. In addition, after carrying out such upgrades will be able to somewhat lower the body.
Modify the suspension. To do this, set "Kalina" sport tuned springs and dampers. Together with the previous modifications, it will improve the informativity and precision of steering control, will save the machine from roll in the corners, and improve handling on asphalt and the broken highway. In order to completely get rid of understeer and the weak response to the steering put racing adjustable strut. But note that the cost is quite high.
For easy storage 8-valve power unit install the sport camshafts, enlarged throttle valve, straight-flow exhaust system and air filter of zero resistance. Inductors get expensive, with a diameter of about 54 mm. often Cheap wedge. Guide chip tuning with the change in the engine management program. All of these improvements will allow "Kalina" off idle, accelerate for a couple of seconds faster than the standard machines and to spin the engine to 7000 rpm.
For a more serious increase in power and other characteristics of the engine and change the head unit on sports. If the base motor "Kalina" 8-valve, the price of the sports heads is very high, almost equaling the value of the car in the base set. For the 16-valve motor tuning head is almost 10 times cheaper. In addition, at this stage you will need to rebore the cylinders, replace the crankshaft and injectors. The result of all improvements is to increase capacity 8-valve engine to 115-145 HP, 16 valve — up to 170 HP