You will need
  • – a copy of the adopted statement to the bailiff
  • – The name of the recipient application (attorney)
Write the application in Prosecutor's office of the requirements. Applications from civilians are accepted in handwritten form. The company draws up a statement on behalf of the Director General or his Deputy in printed form on the letterhead with the original data, company's logo (if approved). As a recipient of the ad, specify the name of city attorney or regional, depending on which court heard your case.
Describe in free form the claim, putting the maximum possible amount of information: the number of judicial decisions, name of person in charge of a bailiff, the date of acceptance of the application, information about which measures have been taken by the office, and what violations were revealed. The text of the statement refers to the laws that give you the right to deem the work of the service of Judicial bailiffs unsatisfactory. Most often the Prosecutor's office statements to the Agency is issued with a note "for the inaction of its employees." In this case, you must fully describe the process of communication with the Agency, rewrite the results of telephone conversations with the staff, describe the reaction of a responsible officer of the court. Under current law, to a statement, the bailiff is obliged to give an answer to the applicant within 3 months from the date of acceptance of the application. If the answer in written form was received, please indicate this in the statement to the Prosecutor.
Attach to the package of documents a copy of the adopted statement to the Office of bailiff Service of the Russian Federation. The document should be appropriately decorated, it needs to stand the date of the adoption, has a serial number and the signature of the responsible person clerical Department. Also the application must be supported by a court decision that governs the Agency.