Remember that the activity of the collectors is not regulated by any legislation. From the point of view of citizens, their function is to find out the reasons of non-payment, recall of debt, to offer variants of pre-judicial debt, to find the hiding customer. If they were limited to these functions, their activities would not be as effective.
In fact, the collectors think that they are allowed everything that is not prohibited by law. Often they allow themselves to action, balancing on the edge of the law. They can continuously calling the debtor to see him in person, exerting psychological pressure and threatening. They allow themselves to stop calling and coming personally to the management of the debtor, to parents and other estranged relatives, and even neighbors. And the pressure over time only grows, the reputation of the debtor falls at work, and among neighbors. The goal is to get paid.
To effectively complain to the collectors at the beginning of their actions, find out the name of the organization and name of employee working with you. In case of obvious violations of the law of threats, use of physical force, etc. − complain to the police, the Prosecutor, the court. The property depressants to apply not worth it. Often the depressant is the same manifold, but working for someone who will pay more.
Extremely effective assistance of professional lawyers and advocates, including lawyers and credit. Because they do not work for free, find out in advance the cost of their services. As a rule, it is not beyond reasonable limits, and the money is worth the peace and health you and your family. Moreover, if the manifolds are clearly spoiled your reputation, have provided moral or material damage, threatened violence and you can prove with a lawyer to sue collectors in court. Then maybe you can sue the collectors compensated for the damage you suffered.