You will need
  • computer;
  • paper;
  • - handle;
  • - proof;
  • address Prosecutor's office;
  • information about surname, name, patronymic of the public Prosecutor.
Identify specific individuals for acts or omissions which you can make a complaint. Think about exactly what your rights are violated. Find the law, which enshrines these rights and establishes liability for their violation. If you find it difficult to make it or are not sure of the correctness of their actions, seek the advice of an attorney.
Analyze documents and other evidence available to you on the matter. If you come to the conclusion that some evidence is not enough, and you can get them, do it – a complaint backed by evidence is always better than unfounded. Define the circle of persons who can testify on your case.
Find the address of the Prosecutor's office, which is going to file a complaint, as well as the surname, name, patronymic of the public Prosecutor.
The complaint type on the computer, so the text reads much easier, but depends on the speed and quality of its review.
In the header of the document, specify a position of the Prosecutor, his surname and initials, e.g., "the Prosecutor of Leninsky district of the city of Ensk, Ivanov A. A.". Here write your surname, name, patronymic in the genitive with the preposition "from" as well as your actual residence address, telephone, Fax, e-mail address.
Below the "cap" in the middle of the sheet write the word "complaint" with a capital letter or using CapsLock keys. Here, in the title, can you briefly indicate on whose actions brought the complaint or what it's about. For example, "Complaint against illegal actions of the investigator or Complaint about the violation of the right to inviolability of the home". The main thing that it was short and expressed the merits of the appeal.
In the text following the title, describe in a logical sequence all of the information relevant to the case. Mention evidence that you have and the witnesses who can testify. At the end of the describe request to the Prosecutor, based on the rule of law.
If the complaint will be accompanied by the documents, make a list of them in the app.
Sign the complaint, put the current date.