Advice 1: As running one kilometer

1000 m – distance is quite heavy because it is fleeting and requires a good speed training and endurance. In order to overcome it, it is important to observe some basic principles of preparation and conduct of the race.
As running one kilometer
Focus on cross training. In order to successfully cover the distance of one kilometer, you need a great stock speed endurance. Endurance comes only after the temp crosses and hard training at the stadium. That is, you don't just need to run 1 workout 5, 7 or 10 km, and make haste to 300-500 m during the race. There should be at least 5-7. This is necessary in order to make the heart used to work on the limit. It will also help you to accelerate while overcoming competitive distance.
Sprint will introduce the segments in the training process. In addition to endurance, you need the skills of acceleration, which will, in fact, consist of a distance of 1 km. Athletes are not waiting very long in such a run, so you need to be ready for it. Run through the stadium at least 200 m, 10-12 times in a good competitive pace. Imagine all the time that you finish. Then the speed will increase several times.
Mash well before the start. On the eve of the race get a good warm-up. It should consist of light Jogging (1-2 miles), General and special warm-up Jogging exercises. Don't forget to make some nice long acceleration 60-100 m. Wear comfortable shoes and get ready for the start of the race.
Stick to a particular strategy. After the starting signal, do not vomit immediately lead the crowd of runners behind him, hoping to go from the start. It is impossible to do, as you will meet a wind that will lead to very quick fatigue. You should not rely on this step, even if you are confident in your abilities.
Stay around the middle, since the tail attack is also very difficult. After about 500-600 m, gets to the leading group. It is advisable to begin finishing acceleration for 200 m until the end of the race. Do your best, and don't let pass you on the inside radius. If you did everything right, you will have a great chance to win.

Advice 2: How to run one kilometer

Some people the task to run one kilometer just seems daunting. Of course, how easily you will run, depends on the degree of preparedness of your body. If your goal is to run a kilometer, make sure to start time to get in shape.
How to run one kilometer
You will need
  • Shoes or sneakers, tracksuit
Make yourself a training schedule. Select the days you want to exercise.Start with a walk. Just go. Walk through the forest, Park or city. Choose your pace that is comfortable for you. Keep breathing: breathe rhythmically, deeply, nose to your muscles and internal organs receive sufficient oxygen.When you can walk an hour on foot without much effort, continue to run. Gradually incorporate running in your workouts. First, let it be for 5 minutes, then 10, then two times for 10 minutes. Consider your strength, do not drive yourself to exhaustion.After running knead and stretch your muscles. After completing the workout, you can still run a little. Do a set of exercises for all muscle groups, but do not let an unexpected overload.Lead a healthy lifestyle, get plenty of sleep, abstain from alcohol and tobacco, eat right. You must consume a sufficient amount of protein, because based on it grow muscles. And to have energy for your workouts, you need carbs. Useful in this case would be porridge made from grain and cereals, potatoes, fruits and vegetables. But pasta and bread products is better not to get involved.When you feel ready to run a kilometer without stopping, consider your start. Imagine the distance, think of how you will behave at every stage. Mentally "run" this kilometer. In the beginning it is better not to drive and choose a discreet and comfortable pace. But closer to the finish line, you can afford to accelerate.Before you run the kilometer, don't forget to have a little warm-up (at least for Hiking). Preheat the muscles, prepare them for running.Set yourself up correctly. Tell yourself: "I am strong-willed and strong person," "I can easily run one kilometer, ""I am ready to run one kilometer, I got this." But don't get carried away samonastroem too much. If you feel that you are not ready to defeat kilometer, don't be fooled. Be honest with yourself.
If you have any health problems, before starting your workout, consult a doctor. Ask him, what kind of load are permitted for you, what types of exercises you should avoid, check out the General guidelines for you in the planning of the training process.
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Remember that the key to success is consistency.
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