Give vent to emotions. Until you release your feelings, do not give yourself the opportunity to cry, to experience all the emotional, you will not be able to truly calm down. Holding it in is harmful not only from the points of view of psychological comfort – it is dangerous to health. Nevydumannye tears and resentment can become the impetus for the development of neurosis, aggravation of chronic diseases etc. You can cry, scream, break things and beat the dishes – do whatever sets you free from disturbing thoughts and feelings.
Find something to do. Some time your thoughts will be occupied by a former partner and past life – make sure that you just do not have time to grieve. Fill your life to overflowing – load yourself with work, find a hobby, bring your body to perfection and exhaustion in the gym, etc. and the load Routine will help gradually to displace it out of your mind of unproductive thoughts about the past.
A change of scenery. It is difficult to calm down, if you're always bumping into memories of the past – shared apartment, the familiar places, restaurants and other elements of your life may be knocked out of balance. So gather and embark on a journey to another country, the city, to the country. Stay where you can breathe easier – new experiences and Dating, emotions and feelings will distract you.
Raise their self-esteem. Spend time doing the things you've always wanted to do but lacked the time or your ex-partner didn't approve of your interest. Now there is no obstacle – you're free to manage your time as you wish. Learn languages, enroll in a dance Studio, take care of your appearance, experiment by changing the image.
Open for new – to actively participate in public life. You may not only distract, but also acquire new friends. Make home repairs, getting rid of everything that reminds you of the past – you can just change the Wallpaper or make a huge mess. Tune into the best cease to suffer and take the breakup as a new opportunity – giving you the chance to meet "the" person with whom you will be happy.