Advice 1: How to survive a breakup with his wife

Reasons why wives leave their husbands very much. It may be falling out of love, cheating husband, a new hobby women, inappropriate behaviour by a spouse, etc., and if to return to his beloved failed bad breakup is necessary to survive.
How to survive a breakup with his wife
Release his wife. Do not dream of the future together – it will be gone. Not to be upset and to say goodbye to her, leaving his soul only bad memories. But, on the other hand, it is not necessary to idealize his wife. People after a breakup often tend to view the past through rose-colored glasses as they begin to appreciate something only after it will lose. In order not to suffer due to parting with the perfect woman, and try to remember the bad things that happened.
Start building the future again. While you with the wife were together, you probably had many different plans, but now the image of the future you painted in your imagination, you will have to destroy. If you can't live not knowing what you will do tomorrow or in a month, make yourself a little plan. You have to understand that you still have to go, and life has lost its meaning with the departure of his wife.
Try to sell something that was not available before. For example, if the wife did not allow you to jump with a parachute, do it now. If before too much money had to spend on the family, and now you can a bit of digging and take a trip or buy something you've always wanted. So you can escape from gloomy thoughts and to start to live my life not related to the past and even in many respects differing from it.
If the separation is too painful, try to minimize communication with his wife, but also to avoid any reminders of her. Otherwise, you yourself will deepen your wounds and forget about the difficult breakup is going to be more soon. Erase favorite number from your phone, delete all her contacts, photos, etc., try as little as possible to communicate with her. It's hard to do, especially if you have a lot of mutual friends, but the effort is still worth it.

Advice 2 : How a husband should treat his wife

How successful marriage depends equally from both spouses. So try to treat his own wife properly. Show love, understanding and respect, trust to my better half and become her real support in life.
Love your wife
Demonstrate love to his wife. Let the period of active courtship in the past. But with you now the woman you wanted. If you don't want to lose your beloved, do not forget about the need to show her that you love her and appreciate. Give the wife flowers not only on holidays, but just so. Make her a nice romantic surprises.
Take care of your wife. Meet her in the evenings, take care of wife when she is unwell. At the meeting with his wife in the evening, ask her how her day was, genuinely ask, what does your favorite woman. Be a real gentleman with his better half, and she will be grateful to you for affection and care.
Help your wife with the housework. We cannot allow all the work was shouldered on the fragile shoulders of your favorite women. Do everything you can do around the house, offer to help. Let your spouse know that we can count on you when cleaning or repairs.
Try to understand his wife. Establish a trusting relationship with his wife. Share with what is in your heart, and be willing to listen to his wife. Understanding is as important for a successful, long and happy marriage, like love. Without understanding, love can quickly exhaust yourself.
Trust your spouse. No need to be jealous for no reason. This behavior is not evidence of a great love, and property relations. Be fair to your wife and not hurt her with his unfounded suspicions.
Don't limit the freedom of the woman. In addition to the family, she needs to be and personal life. Otherwise, one day you can either lose his wife or to detect next to him instead of self-sufficient women person that is ready to dissolve completely in you.

Advice 3 : How to behave after a divorce

Today, almost every married couple that lives in a marriage has different problems that often cause divorce. And it's not just young families who signed "stupidity", "pregnancy" or for some other reason, and families who have lived many years of married life.
How to behave after a divorce

Preservation of friendly relations

How to avoid divorce, you can speak constantly and useless. Here it is necessary to clearly determine the causes, circumstances and adequately assess the situation. If people went to sign the divorce papers, then it is reasons. But if it is inevitable, but you need to try to maintain normal relations. Most often, divorce to women, they are a little easier to get through this process than men. For men a divorce is the loss of ownership, that is, its women.

Lost interest to each other

If the decision to divorce is based on this problem, it is not necessary to change it. No need to torture yourself and begin to live separately, people should be able to look truth in the eye and make a definitive decision. Not worth the loss of the senses to be confused with the difficult period of the relationship, which is loving people worried. If you don't have any feelings towards your soulmate, then at least respect for the person with whom you have lived for some time in one house and fell asleep in the same bed must be present. Therefore, in the next six months do not start a new relationship or at least not to advertise it. From the side you would think that the reason for divorce was adultery.


In a divorce it is important to keep the child's psyche and normal with respect to each of the parents. That is, the child needs to be protected from quarrels and scandals, which influenced the decision to divorce. Try to explain to the child why, it is better if the conversation will be present both parents. If one talks to a child about this, you should not say bad things about the other parent, because the child's relationship to him may not change, but you will change for the worse. You must be able to maintain its authority and dignity.

Advice 4 : How husband to live with wife

The family is a separate unit of society in which every member performs its functions. The relationship it was perfect, men and women must play their responsibilities.
How husband to live with wife

How to treat a man to his wife?

A man should respect and cherish your mate. When people get married, they promise each other to keep their love. However, this is not entirely correct. Love is a feeling that is either there or not. It is foolish to promise something that you cannot control. But respect is quite manageable. The representative of the stronger sex needs to listen to the views of his wife, to take care of it and treat it gently.

The husband is obliged to remain faithful to his wife. Adultery destroys family ties, even if they have nothing will not know of the second half. The fact that in the case of spousal betrayal, a man will feel guilt. Because of this, the relationship between the lovers will become strained and this can even lead to divorce.

The husband should listen to his wife. Remember that women share with her husband some information, their thoughts and their own point of view not to listen to his sermons, but rather with the intention that he just heard about their ideas and experiences. They just need someone to talk to, and if the husband will teach his wife life, it is unlikely the family will be stronger.

What should a husband do to keep the family strong?

It is known that women are not always able to decide on any serious and responsible step. That is why the husband must support the wife in her aspirations, not to discourage any particular action. If the wife is committed to self-realization, wants to find a job, do not discourage her, let her feel the satisfaction from the achieved goals.

To maintain cordial relations in the family, the representative of the stronger sex should take any differences between him and his partner. Perhaps the spouses will have different opinions about certain things or different tastes in music, Hobbies, interests. The husband should never criticize his lawful wife.

If a man wants to be a proper husband, he must always be responsible for any word he said and never lie to his lover, to help her and to provide moral and material support, as well as being sensitive and gentle. No need to think that after marriage, the girl doesn't need compliments, gifts and surprises. A good husband in any case would not treat his wife with indifference, otherwise he will simply lose it.
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