Release his wife. Do not dream of the future together – it will be gone. Not to be upset and to say goodbye to her, leaving his soul only bad memories. But, on the other hand, it is not necessary to idealize his wife. People after a breakup often tend to view the past through rose-colored glasses as they begin to appreciate something only after it will lose. In order not to suffer due to parting with the perfect woman, and try to remember the bad things that happened.
Start building the future again. While you with the wife were together, you probably had many different plans, but now the image of the future you painted in your imagination, you will have to destroy. If you can't live not knowing what you will do tomorrow or in a month, make yourself a little plan. You have to understand that you still have to go, and life has lost its meaning with the departure of his wife.
Try to sell something that was not available before. For example, if the wife did not allow you to jump with a parachute, do it now. If before too much money had to spend on the family, and now you can a bit of digging and take a trip or buy something you've always wanted. So you can escape from gloomy thoughts and to start to live my life not related to the past and even in many respects differing from it.
If the separation is too painful, try to minimize communication with his wife, but also to avoid any reminders of her. Otherwise, you yourself will deepen your wounds and forget about the difficult breakup is going to be more soon. Erase favorite number from your phone, delete all her contacts, photos, etc., try as little as possible to communicate with her. It's hard to do, especially if you have a lot of mutual friends, but the effort is still worth it.