You will need
  • - books or movies
  • - a gym membership.
Take your time to forget your relationship and feelings. No matter how you try, it may take a while to fully throw from the heart of a man who became a stranger. Trying to hasten this moment, you can only hurt yourself and achieve a completely opposite result – the pain is even more unbearable. Feel free to cry, tears help the emotions come out and to adopt a more positive wave.
Try to escape from their experiences. Parting is the best time to meet up with friends to whom you paid enough attention during your romantic adventure. Real friends for sure and will take the initiative to distract you from thinking about the breakup, but let them know that you are not against dialogue.
Take your days a variety of classes, try to take time. Additional hours of work, a new hobby – any activity that will capture you entirely and will not allow to be alone with sad thoughts and feelings. Adopt a pet. Care of the new friend will blow you away and distract from the sadness.
Take care of yourself. You will note that the girl after a break up with a man often becomes even more beautiful postroynevshaya and looks great. This is because the time separation is very good in order to play sports, go to the beauty salon. You will feel fresh and revitalized, and it's sure to lift your spirits. View women's favorite movies, read romance novel.
If you feel that no matter how hard you and your friends to get you from the serious condition, but it does not work, contact your professional. It's not wrong to ask for help to a therapist. He can give you the necessary advice and say the right words. Most importantly, do not withdraw into themselves, don't stay alone. And try to help themselves, because no matter how hard the surrounding, if you do not want to get out of a difficult condition after separation, there is little will.