You will need
  • Voltmeter
The service life of any battery is limited and is usually not more than five years. After the allotted time, there comes a time replacement unit. And if owners of cars of a domestic production the problem is to select the appropriate battery capacity and give preference to a particular brand, then the owners of imported cars need to find out before purchasing the polarity of the battery.
To achieve this task, the battery is removed from the battery socket and is positioned in such a way that by visual inspection from above its terminals must be at the bottom. Please note that one of them is a little thinner than the other (it is negative).
If the negative terminal is located on the accumulator on the left (bottom), the battery reverse polarity.
In cases where a thinner terminal on the right battery polarity.
To finally verify the correctness of the polarity of the battery, reconnect the voltmeter. The red probe of the device removes the voltage from the large terminal and the black thin. The reading on the scale without the minus sign confirms the studied parameters of the battery.