Make sure that the columns you wish to use in conjunction with a microphoneω are active. A symptom of this is having a separate power supply from the network through a built - in or remote unit.
Electret microphone use. One of his conclusions is connected to the case - that this conclusion is negative. Connect it to the common wire of the amplifier. Positive output, connect through a resistor of several kilo Ohm to the power bus.
Take a low-power low-frequency bipolar transistor structure p-n-p having a current transfer ratio of not less than 50 (this is dimensionless value). Its emitter connect the General wire of the amplifier, and the collector connected to the power bus through the second resistor around kilooma. Database connect through a capacitor of about 0.5 UF to a connection point of the microphoneand with the first resistor.
A connection point of the second resistor to the collector of the transistor connected to connected together to the inputs of the left and right channel speakers. Connect the common contact of the speakers with the common wire of the amplifier. Take your unwanted but serviceable charger for cell phone. Using a voltmeter, determine the polarity of the voltage at its output. Connect the output with the correct polarity, electrolytic capacitor 1,000 µf, designed for a voltage of less than 16 V. Negative wire connect to the common wire of the amplifier, and the positive to the power bus.
Collect a chain of the variable resistor 1 Mω DC 2.7 kω. Connect it between the base and the collector of the transistor. A variable resistor is put in the position corresponding to the maximum resistance.
Volume control speaker install in the middle position. Turn the power switch on the microphonetion of the amplifier and speakers. Saying something in the microphone, slowly decrease the resistance of the variable resistor. First, the amplifier will start to amplify, then the distortion will be reduced. Once further rotation to reduce distortion to bring will not, slightly increase the resistance.
Unplug the microphoneth amplifier and speakers. Wipaire adjusting the chain, measure its resistance and then replace it with a fixed resistor of close value. Then again apply power to both units. To avoid any acoustic feedback, keep the microphone away from the speakers and do not make the volume too loud.