To save man from alcoholism, first determine the stage of development of this disease, assessing how often the patient consumes alcohol, whether regular hangover and how long flows into binges. During the evaluation of these criteria, you will quickly determine the degree of alcoholism of a loved person and will be able to elect the optimal method of treatment for a serious ailment.
Analyze the factors that have a direct or indirect impact on the alcoholic. Wanting to get rid of alcoholism the patient, pay attention to the influence of environment and cronies, which can stimulate the alcoholic's cravings for alcohol, the influence of society, as well as mental problems. If with friends-drinking buddies all simply hidden causes psychological dependence on alcohol it is necessary to identify more carefully.
Ask the patient about his values, about the attitude of the society, position in society, about work, because of trouble on the service field often make alcoholics quenching problem in the use of alcoholic beverages. Let the patient understand that avoiding problems leads to a negative impact on his health and eventually to anything positive it will not.
Find out the suffering from alcoholism of a man, how obviously it affects it a common advertising and promotion of leisure over a bottle of vodka or crate of beer in a circle of friends, and advise him to refrain from watching such commercials. Help the person with motivation, help to cure alcoholism, so he wanted as soon as possible to get rid of addiction.
The most effective motivating factors affecting the patient are the preservation of health, family welfare, self-determination, respect for the family. Motivation is directly linked to the reasons why people drink, and if the main cause of the disease is a nervous and stressful job, and the conviction to lead a healthy life should also contact the service field.
If the beliefs and motivation of the alcoholic does not help, use encryption, the main thing – reassure him / her of the need for such a procedure. In case of acceptance of a loved personsuffering from severe stage of alcohol dependence, use special medications, since the classical coding the majority of patients does not help.