The first thing to do if you decided to save from alcoholism of a loved one, it take him out of the binge. Independently to achieve this is unlikely to happen. Need to call a qualified doctor-psychiatrist. He will hold the interruption of the binge, using modern medicines. After all, it is necessary not just to relieve the discomfort from a hangover, but also cleanse the body.
First being drunk a person will administered intravenously through a drip complex drug that relieves withdrawal symptoms, producing cleansing and detoxification with vitamins and restorative substances. Then the doctor will prescribe medication that will complete the procedure. Take them will have the next few days.
How to cure the alcoholic
After the body of the alcoholic is cleaned, we produce the encoding or resort to other similar procedure (so-called lining). As a result of encoding to the man for some time instilled aversion to alcohol. Done encoding. First, the doctor explains to the patient the drug. Then the preparation with the helpof injections is injected into the body of the patient. The drug is distributed throughout the body and not excreted out for some time (usually a year). If a person takes alcohol, the drug comes with him in the interaction and a chemical reaction takes place. The patient becomes ill, his body gets the toxins.
How to cure the alcoholic
The main step in the treatment of alcoholism is psychological. The patient should not only form the setting for treatment, but to motivate him to a normal life - without alcohol. There are rare cases where the alcoholic is able to do it yourself. But most often need professional help. Choose the right rehabilitation center. Psychotherapists work individually with your loved one, will help him to understand why he drinks. Tell me how to find in life other values. Many of the sick helps the Church, the faith, the various companies of the type AA or special communities.
How to cure the alcoholic