You will need
  • - Microsoft Office.
Create a macro, for example, in Excel. It will keep the set of performed operations, and execute it later using a single command. To create a macro plan for the entire sequence that you plan to save as a macro.
Please note that there will be any and all actions, taking into account the correction of errors and cancellation of operations. Run the command "Macro" – "Start recording" from the tools menu. In the window "Record macro" enter the name of the macro. In the "shortcut key" click the button by which you plan to run a macro in the future. Then, complete the "Save the book". Click "OK". After this starts recording the macro.
Do the operations you plan to keep, and assign the macro to the button. After all the necessary action click the button on the toolbar "Stop recording". To run the created macro by using the assigned keyboard shortcuts or using the menu "Tools" – "Macro". You can also assign a macro to the button or object.
Run the assign macro button. In Excel there is the possibility of creating their own electronic forms. For this you need to enable control panel "Forms". In this panel, select the tool Button. Draw on the right place of the worksheet button.
In the dialog that appears, select "Assign macro" and select the newly created macro, click "OK". Button with an assigned macro has been created to change text or to reassign the macro by using the shortcut menu.
Run the assign macro to the existing button on the toolbar. To do this, select menu "View" – "toolbars" – "customize". Call the popup menu for the selected button, select "Assign macro". Select the previously created macro, click "OK".