Under the Department of women's clothes will fit a large shopping center or individual pavilion. It depends on what guided the selection: plan range or size of the existing space.

For the average shop (500 sq m) convenient option may be renting in a shopping center: stable revenue is guaranteed heavy traffic plus the problem with advertising, as well as some other issues, partly resolved by the administration of the shopping center.

If the planned luxury or, on the contrary, the usual small assortment, you must select individual pavilion in order to better ROI. This applies to the small settlements or the Central parts of large cities.


Before opening the store in the first place, you should register your new business. In practice, the most appropriate form of ownership in this case is individual entrepreneurship (IE).

First, open IE cheaper and easier. Second, with respect to reporting and documentation, criteria for the PI is much lower. There are free to use the settlement account at its discretion. And, equally important – the simplified tax system (if space ≥ 150 m) and the probability to issue it as a General tax on imputed income, if less than 150 sq. m.

Documentation and approvals

Women's clothing do not have to be certified, but must be available the Declaration of conformity GOST Russia, making you want to have the documents.

For products produced on the territory of the Russian Federation need to:

- the application for registration of the Declaration;
- normative-technical documentation for the products;
- documents of state registration OGRN, INN;
- document of title to the leased or purchased premises;
- documentation confirming the quality of the materials used in the manufacture of products sold.

The sale of imported clothes would be necessary:

- the application for registration of the Declaration;
- a copy of the contract with the supplier;
- internal Charter of the enterprise;
- certificate of state registration OGRN, INN;
- product description (composition, properties, etc.);
- certificates of conformity of quality of the producer country.

To open a retail store will need permission from the Fire inspection and Rospotrebnadzor. If the shop is the premises of the shopping center, these documents will take care of the administration, but if you open an individual point, you need to achieve the desired approvals.


After the equipment of the division should assess its permeability. It is necessary to identify the optimal number of employees.
If trade is seasonal, with peaks in sales, it is advisable to use an additional serving employees. The rest of the time it is enough for the minimum workforce: on average, 2-3 people with an area of ≤ 150 sq. m.