To start a business in a certain direction, you must know this area inside not only in theory. It is very important to gain experience and to acquire the necessary skills by working in someone else's shop. Several months of work as the seller or the administrator will help you see the pros that you can use in your business, and to ignore the cons, which will give the opportunity to avoid their mistakes. Also become a regular customer of the most visited shopping outlets selling clothing of your city and try to analyze what exactly causes their owners to such success. Before you rent a room and deliver the goods, you need to draw a portrait of your customer: social status, income level, age, gender. Analyze the market and find their competitive niche. At this stage, come up with a name for your future store. May it be bright and memorable. Officially register your business. You can open a limited liability company or individual entrepreneurship. In parallel with the registration of the legal form of your company start looking for suppliers for your store. Because by this time you have to determine what exactly the goods will be sold from your shelves, this will be the criterion of selection of future partners. You can choose single or multiple vendors, modalities of cooperation which will be most appropriate for you. The success of any shop is its location. Since your store is a must visit as many people as possible, and it needs to be where the maximum permeability. Therefore, the best option is to rent space in the Mall area of not less than 100 square meters. If it requires repair, do not skimp on this expenditure, as comfortable being in the store very much affect the willingness of the buyer to stay in it and to acquire the necessary goods. Pay special attention to recruitment. Behind the counter a person should stand that will not only be able to take the money and give up the goods. Think of demanding as to the appearance of your sellers, or their ability to communicate with people. At the beginning of the business do not skimp on advertising. Conduct various promotions. Use any idea and the ability to attract the attention of a potential buyer and make him a permanent client.