Advice 1: How to cook frozen fish

Fish is a source of many useful substances necessary for normal functioning of the body. And let fried fish is not the diet dish, but it will decorate any table, especially because to cook it simply.
How to cook frozen fish
You will need
    • fish;
    • vegetable oil;
    • salt;
    • spices.
Before you fry the fish, it must be defrosted. This is best done at room temperature, so the carcass from the freezer, you must get in advance. You can defrost fish in the microwave, but if it is wrong to put the weight, the carcass may be slightly Ambaritsa. To speed up the process maybe dip the fish in the water, but in this unfreezing all the juices are washed out and the pulp will dry.
After your fish is defrosted, clean it and get rid of the innards, if any. Depending on the size of the carcass you can fry fish whole or cut it into serving pieces. Ready for roasting carcass to marinate in spices. To do this, sprinkle the fish with black pepper, marjoram, coriander or other spices and set aside for 30-40 minutes.
Recipes fried fish variety, but the cooking principle is similar: carcass fried in plenty of oil, thanks to which they get even, Golden crust. To do this, take a pan, pour in her vegetable oil and heat to boiling state.
Each piece of fish, or the carcass, roll in flour or breadcrumbs, then put in hot oil. The effect of deep-frying allows you to achieve this amount of oil, which put at least half of the piece.
Over high heat fry the fish for several minutes until smooth brown, then flip it with a spatula on the other side. Once the piece is evenly browned, reduce heat and cook fish until tender. Cover the pan, do not cover, otherwise the crisp will be lost.
Useful advice
Cooking time depends on thickness of piece. Small fish such as capelin can be cooked for 5-10 minutes, thicker pieces of mackerel or hake it cook for 10-15 minutes. Most quickly prepared fillet, 5-7 minutes for readiness would be sufficient.

Advice 2: Is it possible to fry in unrefined oil?

A few decades ago, all fried in butter "with the scent", which is not subjected to purification. Other vegetable oil most people do not know. Now there is an opinion that to fry on a butter not. The choice of oils in the grocery stores has become very wide in our time. And now you can often find a strong recommendation that you want to cook only on clean, refined oil. And unrefined oil to use in salads and other ready meals.
Mozhno li zharit' nerafinirovannom butter

First, determine what are such recommendations. Are they generally order our food to be useful. In this case, the frying of the question should not be, in principle. Because, what would have been oil, at high temperatures it emits harmful substances. And difference properties of oils during frying, whether refined or unrefined, is unimportant.

After frying formed transfats. This, in turn, leads to blockage of blood vessels, atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is not the only threat to the ingestion of food after frying. You may also experience Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease and cancer.

Most Housewives are at home does not use oil again. But when talking about production on an industrial scale or catering establishments, the situation is quite different. In this case, the products are processed in oil, which is used repeatedly, turn toxic and very harmful to health.

The difference between homemade food and products catering significant. But in any case, the food subjected to frying process, is not healthy. If we are talking about the process when the food forms a ruddy, Golden, it is undoubtedly a high temperature. When the oil escalivada to such a high marks, the formation of mutagens that affect DNA cells.

Quite another matter if we speak about such ways of cooking like stewing, vexation, or steaming with butter in it. Because at low temperature, to one hundred and fifty degrees, useful acids contained in the oil are not broken down and the carcinogens are not formed. If the temperature is higher, harmful substances are emitted. And no matter what kind of oil to use.

Advice 3: Simple ways to fry fish, be it river or red

In cooking, I share a few simple ways of frying fish. The main ones are: frying fish in a pan with a small amount of oil, roasting on open coals or deep-fried. Each method of cooking has its secrets, and if you ignore them, you can ruin the fish and not get the desired result.
Simple ways to fry fish, be it river or red

Before you fry the fish in the pan, you should divide it into portions (small fish can be fried whole), RUB with salt and leave it for 10-13 minutes. To improve the taste of sea fish it can be sprinkle with lemon juice.

Once the fish is ready for frying, put a frying pan on the fire and poured vegetable oil. Fish dumped in the flour and put into the pan. The fat should cover only half the fish, so it was not too greasy. The fish turned out delicious, should put the butter.

To keep for a long time the fish in the pan is not recommended that the meat was not dry. Enough to fry it before occurrence of crunchy crispy crust and then place in the oven for 10 minutes. There are fish to reach readiness.

This method of cooking you can cook any fish.

To roast fish on an open fire on a spit, the grill or skewers. When frying fish on the grill need to be aware of one feature. To ensure that the fish did not stick to the grill, you need the rods to be lubricated with oil or lard. Then we will be able to maintain the integrity of the finished fish. Before you put the fish on the grill, it needs to be dry, RUB with salt, pepper, butter, sprinkle with breadcrumbs. On the grill the fish is fried on both sides.

When frying fish on skewers will be able to preserve its integrity and sear evenly on all sides. But with this method of cooking will be able to lay in the abdomen herbs.

When roasting on the spit preference is given to sturgeon species of fish. In order to emphasize its flavor, the fish pour the creamy melted butter.

For cooking fish in the oven requires a large amount of vegetable oil, which should completely cover the fish, and dishes with thick walls and bottom. Fish should be prepared. It, add pepper, salt, lemon juice, cracked pepper and sprinkle with flour or breadcrumbs for breading. Oil you can use sunflower or olive. After the oil is warmed up, it lowered the prepared fish. You should fry until the acquisition of its Golden hue. This method prepares any fish, but especially tasty sturgeon, cod, perch or cod.

Deep-fried you can cook fish in batter. To do this, the pieces of prepared fish with a fork dipped in the batter and then put in the fryer. After frying, the fish should be put on paper in order to remove excess fat.

Fried fish are ideal side dishes of greens, potatoes, vegetables and rice. And pickles and so accentuate the unique taste. Decorate the dish of fried fish with onion rings, herbs, or lemon.

Potatoes, peeled and cut into wedges, will help to get rid of the smell of fish while cooking in the pan. To do this, it just needs to be put into the oil during frying.

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