What fish suitable for frying

Of fish that is found in the rivers, for frying it is better to choose the one that has less bones, although under fried crispy crucian carp are worth a bit of hard time choosing numerous and very sharp bones. Delicious fried carp, catfish, pike and perch, and trout.

Of sea fish you need to choose the types whose structure is delicate and a bit watery. Good for frying, cod, Pollack, whiting, cod and ice fish as well as tilapia, sole, halibut, flounder, sea perch, pelengas, garfish, sea bass, bream, pangasius, Pollock. Red fish for frying it is better to take more fat – salmon, trout, and salmon.

But in fact, delicious roast you will be able any fish, if you know the secrets of its correct preparation.

How to fry fish

The secret and main difference between fish and meat, is that it is better to cook freshly caught. In this case, you are guaranteed not to feel a peculiar smell of fish oil, which can ruin even an expensive fish, but kept in the store in violation of the rules. In addition, freshly caught fish has a pleasant slightly sweet flavour and a particularly soft texture.

In that case, when you "caught" in the store, a fresh fish seller caught in the pool, it is also possible to cook without fear that it will be tasteless. But if the fish from the ice, not stopping to check its freshness by looking at the gills, touching the carcass with your finger and believing eyes. Feel free to smell the fish, especially because the cost is quite large. To freeze fish at home and store it also need correctly – just put it in the freezer in a tightly closed plastic bag.
Specific fish odour can be eliminated if 1-1,5 hours to hold the carcass in milk.

Frozen carcass must be correctly thawed by placing it on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator or leaving for a couple of hours at room temperature. Thaw the fish in the water, especially in running, not because of the nutrients go into the water. If you want to fry fish for a child, it is better to do it in the batter. In this case, cut off with her fillet, so you do not pull out the bones, breaking the crisp of the batter. How to fry a fish, depends on the size and thickness of the pieces.
River fish of small size to the small bones have become less visible, need to fry, making diamond-shaped cuts on the sides with a pitch of 1-1,5 see

For good fresh fish, no spices other than black pepper and salt, is not required. Enough salt and pepper it, roll in flour and fry in sufficient amount of well-heated vegetable oil. Lemon fish sprinkle after it fried or put on the dish a few slices of lemon to be willing to acidify the fish did it themselves. Garnish well suited mashed potatoes, boiled rice, fried or lightly steamed vegetables.