You will need
  • - antiviral drugs;
  • - Zelenka;
  • - antiviral ointment;
  • soda, salt;
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • - tar;
  • - tincture of calendula.
Take antiviral drugs. Dosage and length of treatment is determined in each case and depends on the localization of lesions, severity of the disease. The main drugs in the treatment of herpes zoster are "Famvir and Valtrex" – take them for 5-7 days in the required dosage.
Spend antibacterial therapy. If the disease is accompanied by extensive inflammation and the risk of bacterial lesions, is shown receiving broad-spectrum antibiotics ("Randomizer", "Tetracycline", etc.).
Take drugs to reduce pain – "Pyrylium", "Gangleron" and so They should drink during treatment, but pain often persist after the disappearance of the rash in these cases, you should take paracetamol, analgin, aspirin, etc. to Finally get rid of the pain will help anticonvulsants and physical therapy (currents Bernard, diathermy, infrared laser, etc.).
Externally lubricate cold sores antiviral ointments and creams, and with the appearance of crusts they need to cauterize zelenkoj or fucorcinum. To restore the skin apply "Solkoseril", dermatologie funds.
Use traditional methods of treatment, herpetic lesions – drink herbal tea, prepare ointments, compresses and rubbing. Well relieves itching and disinfects the lesion of cream soda and salt – mix equal parts with a small amount of water to form a pasty mass and lubricate it the affected area three times a day. To repeat such an application should be within five days.
Can you handle the popup bubbles with hydrogen peroxide – do this morning and evening, repeat until, until the rash disappears. Once a day the skin can be lubricated with tar, while the affected areas should remain open.
The tincture of calendula should be taken inside and make it into a poultice – mix calendula flowers and meadowsweet flowers, pour vodka and steep for two weeks. Three times a day, drink one spoon of the tincture, diluted with water, and apply to the rash, the compresses of the same infusion.