The name "herpes-infection" ordinary person may seem completely unfamiliar, however, it was encountered almost everyone in childhood or slightly later age. This is the same virus, after the defeat which the body develops chickenpox - a disease included in the list of standard childhood diseases. Before reaching adulthood she manages to recover up to 90% of people, regardless of their place of residence and epidemiological situation.
How is chickenpox, it is clear already from its name. In the literal sense of the word "wind". Sometimes, to get enough to be in the same room with the patient. This childhood disease can occur in different ways, but most often after 2 weeks passes, seemingly unnoticed. Actually, anywhere the virus from the human body does not go away under the onslaught of the immune system, he falls into a kind of hibernation, and does not manifest itself until the body's defenses will not be distracted by more important tasks.
Is the immunity decline even slightly (and this can happen during the body attacked other infectious diseases, nastupleniye of pregnancy or in connection with any other cause), the virus aktiviziruyutsya and literally comes to the surface. Rash encircle their prey, the capping patterns the area from lower back to thighs. The treatment of herpes zoster may be only symptomatic. Special solutions and lotions will help to dry the inflammation and reduce itching tormenting the patient.
Catch it from the person who carries the virus herpes infection, you can, but only during the period of active lesions, provided that the same shall not be required to comply with hygiene requirements. By scratching the vesicles on the fingers can remain liquid, stepped out of the wounds. If after that the patient will come in contact with someone who has never in his life encountered a virus, for example, hug your child or give him a hand, herpes virus will happily move on to a new victim. This will manifest itself first again, the chicken pox, and then acquire all the characteristics typical of herpes zoster.