Come to the Department of traffic police of your area. His address can be found on the official website of the organization. Write a statement according to the form that you will give the employee road inspection. In the statement describe the circumstances in which you lost evidence of the loss, theft or other situation. Also specify the number, make and model of the car. The statement should write to the head of the Department of inspection. Don't forget at the end of the text to specify the surname, name and patronymic, as well as to sign. The resulting document tell the police.
Pay the state fee for issuing the new document. Requisites for Deposit you can find in the Department of traffic police, as well as in the savings Bank at a special stand dedicated to the payment of various fines and fees. Payment is possible through any Bank, as long as you kept the receipt.
Return to district service of traffic police together with the payment receipt and passport. You will also need to present a policy of compulsory third party liability insurance and vehicle registration document. If the car does not belong to you, take with you and power of attorney for management.
Take the vehicle to the traffic police. This is best done with rental of a tow truck. You can call the inspector for inspection at the place of Parking cars, but it will most likely cost more than the delivery of the vehicle to the DMV. After inspecting the machine to confirm that the owner of the statement is correct, you will be able to obtain a new certificate of registration. Usually it is done quickly enough, on the same day. You will get the opportunity to leave in his car, without a tow truck.