You will need
    • portions of meat
    • fish or poultry
    • sliced across the grain;
    • deodorized olive or other vegetable oil;
    • wine;
    • tomato or lemon juice;
    • yogurt;
    • cream;
    • mineral water;
    • spices.
First we need to choose a basis for the marinade:

For marinating steaks from lean meats and poultry, you can use oil-based. This will suit the olive or any vegetable oil of your choice, the main thing that it did not have its own, distinct smell. For steaks of fish you can use cream of average fat content (20-25%).
Oil generates around the meat film, due to which when broiling steaks or baking them on the grill quickly formed a beautiful Golden crust. It allows the meat to remain juicy and tender inside. In addition, the oil helps to open up the aroma of spices and seasonings.
- If the meat quality is you have some doubts whether the steak is soft enough, or hard and dry as a sole, is better suited sour based marinade. In this case, you can use wine (red and white), tomato or lemon juice, in some cases, low-fat yogurt. It should be noted that red wine and tomato juice will also give the steaks a beautiful shade, and lemon will improve the smell of fish.

- If the meat you got of excellent quality or you are for some reason limited in the choice of products, you can marinate it virtually in its own juice. However, to get the best result, preferably in addition to the spices add to the meat in addition to spices finely chopped onions, or carbonated water.
The second necessary component of a marinade are spices and condiments. Their choice should be approached with reasonable caution. Overdo it with some sweet-smelling grass and the product is hopelessly flawed. Best limited to 3-4 components, differently instead of a sound, harmonious composition of taste and aroma, we risk a real culinary disaster.
To steaks poultry and fit black hot red pepper, paprika, garlic, thyme, hops-suneli, in some cases, you can add some cumin seeds or sesame seeds.
Fish is the perfect combination of lemon, or lemon pepper, white pepper, dill, mint.
Meat steaks are usually accompanied by various types of pepper, garlic, etc.
Usually the steak stand in the marinade from half an hour to several hours. The pot should be tightly sealed so odors are not mixed with the flavor of the marinade.
Opinions of cooks on when you need to add salt, divided. Some believe that the need to add salt just before cooking or even roasting or grilling to steaks did not release the juice. Others believe that salt should be added directly into the marinade, according to the French mariner to put in salt water to marinate.