You will need
    • Meat
    • marinade
    • saucepan
    • grill
    • coal
    • ignition
    • skewers
    • knife.
The easiest way to marinate kebab, is the soaking of meat with vinegar, salt, pepper and onions. Meat marinated in vinegar, very soft, but very often has a very pungent smell of vinegar. Instead of vinegar, you can add lemon juice or pomegranate juice. The number of ingredients used depending on the weight of the meat and personal tastes.
Based on marinating kebabs is always to use a bow. The optimal amount of onions should be the same as meat. Onions don't need to grind, it is best cut into rings.
Meat is cut into large pieces, about 4cm on 4cm. If the pieces of meat are small, they will burn quickly.
Chopped onion have to mash with your hands until the juice. This is necessary in order to barbecue well soaked onion juice and become fragrant and soft.
On the bottom of the pan is placed a layer of onions, and on top rests spicy meat. Then layer greens, onion and meat again. The last layer should be a bow. All filled with cooked marinade, and pressed tightly with a plate. On the plate you need to put oppression, appeared to juice, and the meat is better than the real thing. The duration of marinating is approximately 12 hours in the refrigerator.
When the meat is marinated, and the fire already burned to embers, then you can start stringing kebab on skewers. It is best to use flat and long skewers so the meat was easy to flip. The meat on the skewers should not droop to avoid burning.
To check on availability skewer need, scoring the meat with a knife. If the juice is dripping red, the frying must be continued. If the crust is already browned and no pink juice, the shish kebab is ready.