You will need
  • wooden banner;
  • — pins for stretching;
  • water;
  • — alcohol;
  • paper
Put the kettle on the fire. When the water boils, put the boots to the spout the place that you want to post, and hold it over the steam.
Use a special spray for stretching shoes. Apply it on the inner side of the boots, let it soak and walk around in them for a couple of hours, after putting on thick socks.
If boots made of leather, moisten the inner part of alcohol-containing liquid or a three-percent solution of vinegar. Then put on a foot in a tight sock, and an hour walk in them around the house.
Sprinkle cleats inside boiling water, immediately wear shoes or a tighter tamp them with a damp paper. Uvernuvshis, the skin will stretch and take the right size. Just don't put the boots to speed up drying on the battery or near heaters as this may cause deformation and cracking at.
To save time and be confident in achieving the desired result, contact the Shoe shop, providing Shoe stretching. You will help stretch the shoes in width and length.
Use the special banner, made of wood, with plastic covers. This device insert the boot for 24 hours and the rotation arm to adjust its length and width. If the foot is in the boots under pressure in such sensitive areas, such as calluses and fingers, fix the stretching in the appropriate places on the plastic plate.
Use highly effective tool for stretching shoes foam. Best of all, if the manufacturer is among the leading providers of branded footwear. Shake the container and apply the product first on an inconspicuous area on the boots. Making sure the skin was not sensitive to the effects of the foam, spray it in shoes directly before wearable. Foam is good because it contributes to giving the Shoe the necessary forms, making the skin supple and soft.