Before you sit down to drive a car, be sure to fasten your seatbelts. Even the, it would seem at first glance, minor manipulations associated with driving, can cause dangerous to life and health consequences.
Start the vehicle and run the engine for a few minutes. View in rear view mirrors and side view in order to avoid hitting a pedestrian or an obstacle. Most modern cars are equipped with special Parking radar, which helps while reversing or Parking the car in the dark and in confined spaces.
If you have a manual transmission, depress the brake pedal, press the button lock on shift lever and move it to the level of "R". Then on the dashboard you will see that the car is switched to reverse gear and is ready to move back. Smoothly release the brake pedal and the vehicle begins reversing.
If you have a car with a manual transmission, here there are various options. Usually on the shift lever there is a picture of inclusion of vehicle speeds. Various circuit speeds depend on the transmission installed in your vehicle. It can be four, five and six speed.
After studying the trajectory of the reverse gear, depress the clutch pedal and brake at the same time. Make sure again that when reversing you will not create hindrances to other participants of movement and do not damage your car. Depress the shift lever and move along the path indicated in the picture switching speeds. Then smoothly release the brake pedal and clutch. The car starts reversing. Hope you enjoy your travels and don't forget to look in the rear view mirror.