Through the branch of URALSIB Bank or ATM

Information about the status of the account on the map you can always find out by personally contacting the office of URALSIB Bank. A complete list of offices, visit the website of the Bank, among which you can choose the most convenient location. You must have a passport that the specialist was able to confirm your identity.

Pass card together with your passport to the Bank employee. It can provide you with a full range of information needed: the current balance or account statement with a breakdown of recent transactions on the card.

If a Bank branch located in an inconvenient place, or on hand no passport, you can use the ATM. Their number is much more, respectively, it is easier to find a convenient location ATM. Try to use their own ATMs of URALSIB Bank or the ATMs of banks-partners. This will allow you to avoid the fee for checking the balance. When checking balance at the ATM you will need to insert the card and enter the pin code.

Through the phone

Not to go into a Bank branch or ATM, you can use the free tech support of the Bank. For this you need to call the toll free number 8-800-200-55-20. The cardholder will need to call the code word.

Through SMS banking

If you get paid on the card, or often make purchases using it, you can approach the service of sms-informing. At each expenditure and receipt transactions on your phone will come SMS with the information about the amount of the withdrawal or Deposit and the current balance. You will also be able to know the status of your account by sending SMS requests.

Service pre-need to connect. This can be done at the Bank branch, through an ATM or over the phone technical support.

The first two months it is free, then the monthly cost will be 49 p.

Through the Internet-Bank

Perhaps the most convenient way to check the balance through Internet banking. This service allows to know the state of balance in the online and remotely to manage the account. To connect the Internet Bank, you must apply to the Department of URALSIB with the appropriate application. There you will be given a username and password for primary authentication (needs to change).