You will need
  • Bank card, telephone, Internet access.
Clarification of the balance on credit card via Internet banking. Most modern banks provide the possibility of client's account through the Internet network. In order to know about the balance of funds in the Bank card, you simply log into your account on the Bank's website and see relevant information. Here you can also transfer money to other accounts, pay utility bills and other accounts.
Clarification of the balance on the Bank card through a call to the Bank. Today every Russian Bank there is a separate phone line, calls which are free of charge for citizens of all regions of Russia. Calling the Bank, wait for a response from the Manager and go through the identification procedure. If you give the Bank employee the right answers to the questions you will be able to obtain information about the status of your account. Never call the Bank clerk the pin code from your card.
You can also check the balance on a Bank card, using the nearest ATM. To do this, insert the card into the device and enter the pin code. Once you get to the main menu, request information on your account. Draw your attention to the fact that, as a client of one Bank while checking the balance on the ATM of another Bank, your account will be charged a fee in the amount of one hundred roubles. If you want to save money, check the balance on the card only the devices supported by your Bank.