You will need
  • pump;
  • - latex balloons for modeling;
  • markers.
Balloons for modelling should have a good stretch and not to break when twisting. Their quality depends on in the end, do you have a toy. Unfortunately, most of what is presented on counters to model fits poorly. If you are unsure of the quality of the ball-sausage, do not inflate it too much. Leave 15 cm, not 10, as recommended by professionals.
Inflate the balloon leaving a tail on the opposite from the hole end. Tie the neck knot. Don't be afraid to pull - he has enough elasticity not to break when tying.
Clamp the end with a drawstring in the axilla and make three sausages with a width of the palm of his hand, spinning them in one direction.
twisting segments
Loop the second and third between sausage - turned rear legs and tail of the animal.
Make three bubbles: a long one (this will be the torso) and two short (two front legs).
Loop short sections between them - now the animal has a tail, torso, and legs. Have to do head.
The remaining bubble will split into four parts. Extreme will be a nose, two average - ears or horns, and the closest to the torso - the neck.
From that, how long will each segment, determines in the end the animal you will get: a giraffe, a dog, a deer or an unknown creature. Experiment, and on the basis of this master class you will be able to create a variety of creatures.
the dog of bead is almost ready
If extreme sausage divided into three more: long - short - long, the face will acquire a more finished appearance. It will have cheeks and a round nose. The tip should be anchored at the base of the head. Toy ball ready!