You will need
  • - access to computer setup.
To disable zooming in the game will change the parameters of its permissions through the menu so that it complies with the established properties of the desktop the value of this parameter. Also watch out for the preservation of the ratio of proportions, so when the game starts the image is not stretched. This happens when the video card does not support resolutions available in game menu.
If the image is distorted, you can try to update the adapter driver or change the monitor resolution to appropriate, in this case by its left and right edges (top and bottom in rare cases) black bars will appear, which will be removed when you return the resolution to normal for the device status. Most often, such problems happen when you run old games on laptops or computers with a widescreen monitor in the configuration (rarely with an elongated vertically, but there are such models).
To disable image scaling applications in Windows operating system locate the shortcut to run your custom program. To do this, open the properties of the desktop shortcut that is usually used just for functions of start, and click on the "Find the object".
Once you find yourself in a folder with the installation files, select the file with the extension .exe, which is referred to your label. Open the compatibility settings and go to settings. Select the menu item "Disable scaling at high screen resolution". Apply and save the changes.
Change your monitor resolution to the optimum value, after turning off all existing utilities in the "Special opportunities". Sometimes scaling occurs when the included onscreen keyboard.