Scale pages in the papers and on the Internet you can change both upwards and downwards. Scaling is very simple. To do this, hold right or left “CTRL” key and at the same time to scroll the mouse wheel.
Scrolling the wheel up, the page will increase, down – decrease. The original scale, or the default scale is the scale set to 100%. Every step in the scroll wheel changes the page zoom by 10%. Ie, one complete scroll changes the scale to 70% -120%.
Some browsers to browse Internet pages with Opera, and text editors, such as Microsoft Office Word, support the choice of the exact scale. In the lower right corner of such programs is the inscription "100%". It is worth to click on it as you will have the opportunity to change the scale on the preset (50%, 75%, 200%, etc.) and also use the zoom page width or screen.
To zoom in any part of the screen, while leaving the rest of the field scale to 100%, invoke the "magnifier". To do this, run "start" "All programs", "Standard". In the category of standard programs, locate the folder accessibility and select magnifier. The screen will display a special transparent window, printed on a grey border. Field of the screen, caught in the window, takes specified in magnifier scale. By default, the scale is changed to 2 times (200%).
All these methods will help quickly without special programs to change the page zoom.