By registering on the site Classmates, you can pursue multiple objectives – to find relatives whom you never saw, make interesting friends, start to flirt with the cute person, etc., depending on the goal of your actions when meeting will be different.
If your goal is to find a potential soul mate, start their actions with the browsing of different people. To do this, log into the category of "People." To get to it you click the left mouse button on the line labeled "People on the site" which is located on the right side under "Your friends on the site." In the pop-up tab on the top you can choose at their discretion the place of residence of the person, i.e. if you want to meet people from your city – enter its name, and if other, enter its name.
The line below mark the floors, among which you will be looking for new friends. To do this, put a tick near the word "man" or "woman". Depending on which gender you select, the page will immediately change will have avatars of people who have passed through the specified filter. In line search you can specify the approximate age of the people you aspire to meet.
After you adjust all the settings, you will see avatars of various people matching the specified options. If you like someone visually, you can go to his page – click on the line with surname and name or click on the photo and elect or chosen one. Please visit the website of a vending person, put the rating on a photo or sign cute comment to any status.
If you are determined to make acquaintance with the owner of the selected profile – unobtrusive email message. Ask about something neutral, encouraging dialogue, make a compliment, ask anything, find out about Hobbies, for example, "girl, you have a wonderful figure, you like to go to the gym?", "your photos with so many interesting ships – you a sailor?" etc. When meeting try not to offer compliments any man to the level of an idol, as not everyone will be interested in obvious flattery.
If the person will answer you on message or comment, visit and deliver excellent grades and classes - feel free to regard such action as a responsive sympathy. Try to develop dialogue, show interest in anything. If you are in a serious relationship and long friendship, try to be natural, do not try anything to embellish.