Try to clear the bag. To do this, first wipe off the dust with a damp cloth, and then treat with a mixture of mild soap, water and ammonia. Blot excess moisture with a towel. If the bag has grease stains, sprinkle them pounded into powder, chalk and leave for the day.
Buy in the drugstore glycerin. A cotton swab dipped in it, treat the entire surface of the bag. Glycerin will give a skin a new look, to restore its Shine. The bag is made of patent leather, simply wipe with a soft cloth.
Argue all faded or scratched fittings. Purchase in the store for needlework suitable for the part size and sew them into place the same.
Carefully cut the lining fabric if it is worn or there were the holes. Leave a strip about 1 cm around the perimeter of the bag where the lining was sewn. Make pattern inside of the bag. For this transfer the size and shape of the lining on paper, adjust, leave a seam allowance for sewing to the inside of the bag.
Stitch the new lining, sew into her pockets. Small hidden stitches sew a new lining into your bag, don't forget to bend the edge so that cut fabric was between the skin and the material of the inner part.
Use modern paints for the skin, they are produced in the form of sprays or atomizers. Test color on a small inconspicuous area of the skin, for example, on the inner side of the belt. Apply evenly on the bag, let it dry completely. Remember that these means can not repaint the leather thing from the white to the black, they just give brightness and freshness.
To disguise minor scratches, use a "liquid skin", pick the color and pre-check the compatibility of hues in an inconspicuous area.