You will need
  • -ammonia;
  • soap;
  • - rags;
  • protective cream for the skin;
  • - body cream;
  • - castor oil;
  • - vaseline;
  • - glitzern;
  • - cow's milk.
A leather bag should be regularly cleaned of dust, even if it is brand new, and there is so far no stains. This must be done after every trip to the city. Wet a soft cloth and wring as follows. Wipe the bag. Grease it with a special protective cream for the treatment of leather products. Can be applied to ordinary cosmetic cream.
If dark bag smooth leather heavily contaminated, it must be washed. Make a concentrated soap solution. Soap is better to use high-quality economic and grate it on a coarse grater. Add to the solution a few drops of ammonia.
Soak in soapy water a soft cloth. Treat the entire surface of the bag. Another piece of cloth soak with castor oil and wipe all the product. Castor oil can be replaced with glycerin or even vaseline.
Leather for the manufacturing of various products used in a very long time, therefore, among the ways of leaving behind it there are many ancient. For example, you can clean the stain with the ordinary bulbs. Cut it in half. Attaching the slice to the stain in a circular motion wipe the bag, starting from the edges of the contamination. This method has one drawback - the smell remains, which can be pleasant not to all.
With a white leather bag a few more worries than the dark. It gets dirty faster, and any noticeable marks. Wipe off dust with a damp rag, of course, possible. But it is better to moisten a cloth in the water and unboiled cow milk. Press the cloth and treat bag. Milk not only clean the product from dirt, and refresh the color.
To clean leather products, you can use another way. Take an egg and separate the protein. Whip it with a whisk or fork and mix with a small amount of raw cow's milk. Soak in the obtained substance is a cloth or swab and clean the spot.
Grease stains on leather goods appear frequently. To without much hassle to bring such a stain, lubricate it with rubber glue and leave it like this overnight. In the morning carefully remove the glue (it is removed without any additional equipment, you can just pry off with a fingernail). The area where there was a stain, smear protective cream.