You will need
  • - pruning of old skin;
  • - glue for the skin;
  • - castor oil or vaseline;
  • - needle and thread under the skin;
  • - beads, buttons;
  • pan made of cast iron;
  • - scissors "zigzag";
  • - the knife;
  • - glasses of different sizes (compass);
  • - stain;
  • - aniline dye;
  • - capacity for dilution;
  • - a fine sieve;
  • - vinegar;
  • - hairspray.
Collect the pruning of old skin. Raw materials may serve as unnecessary things such as bags, pouches, boots, gloves and other clothing. To make the material presentable, Polish it with petroleum jelly or castor oil and knead well with your hands.
Look closely at real flowers or their images. Consider which details you need to find. Part of a piece of jewellery, it is recommended to do without bending, with the straight sections. So that they began to lohmataya, oscremote leather inside out with a knife and coat the inside of the parts cut the stain.
Draw circles of different diameters by using different-sized glass or a compass. Cut the petals better special tailoring scissors "zigzag". Staple all parts of decor bags a few hand stitches.
In the middle of the flower, you can sew a large bead or to make a leather button. Place on low heat in the frying pan, put it on a round scrap of leather face top and wait until it curved in the shape of a hemisphere. Do not overdo it, especially if it's lacquered – he's "gonna fry" is fast and can gather along the edges with small pleats.
Scratch the wrong part of the hot billet core leather flower heavily sharpened with a knife to give it a rough surface. Now you can gently bend and glue the "roast" button of any adhesive for the skin.
If you wish, you can paint flowers leather using aniline dyes, which you can buy in a specialty store for designers and artists. To prepare the staining solution, read the instructions carefully on the packaging. Usually one packet is enough for 0.3-0.5 liters of water. Dissolve the dye in boiling water, filter through a fine sieve and let cool to 50 degrees.
Macerate parts of the skin and carefully apply them to the surface was not a single wrinkle. Add in the paint a little vinegar. Then put the parts of a flower into the solution and soak there until complete cooling of the liquid. Some quilters spray painted leather decoration varnish to secure the new color.
Think about the place where the best will look the application of the skin. Only then sew or glue the flower on the bag.