Thinking about cleaning the bags out of light genuine leather, it is important to remember that these products absolutely do not tolerate excessive moisture and the use of concentrated detergents. To clean a bag of dirt, to return to her freshness and appeal by using delicate compositions made at home.

Cleaning of organic substances

Slight contamination on light skin are removed with a cotton swab dipped in warmed cow's milk. To increase the efficiency of cleaning milk sometimes adds a well beaten egg white. The mixture was thoroughly stirred, applied on the contaminated surface, taking care to avoid waterlogged skin, and leave for some time for the impact. After that, the remains of the mixture carefully erase with a dry cloth, apply the protective cream or wax.

Small onion, cleaned from the husk and cut in half, remove dirt moderately. To do this, intensively RUB a bow leather bag to the disappearance of dirty spots and stains, cutting off layers of the onion as necessary. To neutralize the pungent smell can lightly wiping the bag with a cloth dampened with a weak solution of vinegar.

Cleans the skin and gives it an extra glow to the lemon. Contamination on a light leather bag can be removed with a swab dipped in lemon juice. After treatment with juice, the skin wipe dry and Polish with lemon crust – the essential oil contained in it, soften the skin and make it Shine, eliminate odors.

Household remedies

Clean very soft natural leather with the help of improvised means: equal parts of warm water, mild liquid soap and ammonia to form a composition, which well removes street dirt and light stains. When processing such a mixture it is important to prevent waterlogging of the skin, thoroughly dry the bag after cleaning and grease it a soothing and protective cream.

For a more rigid type of natural leather suitable mixture of glass of warm water, a tablespoon of ammonia and a pinch of baking soda. The soda acts as a mild abrasive, removes street dirt and stains of different origin, refreshing color. However, to patent leather, such a composition cannot be used because of intolerance to the skin of the water and the probability of occurrence of minor scratches.

Complex grease stains on light leather output by the gasoline and magnesia powder. Before applying the composition is recommended to test on a inconspicuous part of the bag. The mixture is applied to the stain, leave to dry, then wipe with a soft cloth and lubricate the bag with glycerine, vaseline or an ordinary baby cream. To eliminate the smell of gasoline, you can use lemon by rubbing the entire surface of the bags lemon peel.

Particularly thin and delicate types of skin clean from dirt with a cotton swab moistened with cosmetic milk or lotion to remove makeup. You must ensure that in the composition of cosmetic products do not include alcohol.

Skin a special candle – crocodile, snake absolutely not tolerate moisture and must be subjected to purification only specialized funds or using dry cleaning products from delicate materials.