You will need
    • 1 kilogram of acute salt pepper;
    • 8 tablespoons of salt.
Take one kilogram of acute pepper green wash under cold water, separate the damaged beetles and damaged pods. Slice each "tail" along the approximately 1.5-2 cm. This is done to ensure that the brine during solki got inside the pepper and preclival it completely.
Prepare the brine for filling: boil two liters of water and mix it with eight tablespoons of salt (without top). Place prepared for solki pepper in serried ranks in a five-liter pot and pour the hot brine.
On top of the pepper put the oppression of a weight of about 1.5-2 pounds. For example, you can put the pepper on a flat plate and stare at it a quart jar filled with water (required to pre-closing it tightly with a plastic lid). Then cover the pot with gauze on top and tie it so that the inside could not get midges and small trash.
Put on three days the pan in a warm place (in summer you can use the window sill well illuminated window in the fall to put the pot near the boiler). At the end of time drain from the pan all the brine and pour over the pepper is freshly prepared. Again cover the pan tightly with gauze and put in a warm, but already for five days.
On the 9th day, put the peppers in a quart jar, cover with brine and close the plastic cover, if you plan to store it in the fridge. Savoury hot peppers you can roll up into sterilized jars after you filled in with hot fresh brine for the third time (after the pickles).
Ready pepper has a yellowish color and a rather sharp taste. Great as a snack with fish and hot meat dishes made from lamb, beef and pork (e.g., boiled, baked and grilled meat).