You will need
    • milk,
    • alcohol
    • salt.
Handle peppers with caution - it is easier to prevent sunburn than to deal with its consequences. Capsaicin, the chemical contained in hot pepper, which gives it a pungent taste, gets on the skin in contact with the pulp of fresh pepper, or in the mouth along with spicy food. The scale of Hotness of different types of pepper reflects the content of capsaicin in each of them. The stinging species are native to South America, Southeast Asia and the Caribbean, the mildest of the hot peppers grow in Europe, for example, Italian peperoncini. If you prepare any dish with pepper or harvest of pepper, be careful that capsaicin did not get skin and eyes. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, if they took the pepper with bare hands.
Drink something containing fat to neutralize the burning sensation in your mouth because capsaicin is a fat - soluble substance, insoluble in water. Suitable cream, yogurt or milk. very good for cold drink, such as cold milk, as to the objective effect (dissolution of a substance in burning fatty milk) is added a psychological cooling effect. Folk remedies in the case of getting hot pepper in your mouth: cucumbers, salt, honey and bread. It is believed that the use of these products helps to reduce the burning sensation.
If pepper gets on your hands, RUB salt on the affected area. You can add in a drop of salt water to evenly spread salt all over the skin. Finish the procedure of taking salt with the milk, and then with soap and water. If that does not work, put your hand in strong alcoholic beverage for a few minutes. Salt cleans the skin from stubborn pepper, milk, soap, alcohol, dissolve the remaining particles. You should also try the ice, it can temporarily desensitize irritated skin. Folk remedy: put on the affected skin with a slice of fresh cucumber.