You will need
  • - passport;
  • - title documents to the apartment.
  • - the contract for the telephone;
  • - receipt of payment.
Contact your phone service provider. Usually, this branch of Rostelecom. If the contract with that organization issued in your name while you was in the apartment, no document other than passports, you do not need. It is possible for different contingencies to bring a copy of the agreement. Those who are not registered in the apartment, requires proof that he is entitled to demand cancellation of the contract. This proof is the certificate of ownership the apartment. If you are going to turn off the phone, you inherited a legacy along with a flat from a deceased relative, take a death certificate or a copy of it.
Remember to pay the bills. If you have debts, the operator agreement will not be terminated, except in those cases where the former owner died. In this case, it is recommended to contact the operator as soon as you get a death certificate. It may happen that before the time of entry into the inheritance you leave can't. However, it is necessary to address a statement that you don't need it and that you are not going to pay for it. It is possible that in case of withdrawal and its re-registration to new owner, will meet your needs. However, it is possible that you have to pay a monthly fee for all the time since the death of the former owner prior to the entry into the inheritance.
If you have a telephone operator and goes online to find another provider. Bring receipts, if you pay them through the Bank, post office or payment terminal. The one who used to pay directly at the office of the customer service, it is not necessary.
In the customer service centre you will be asked to write a statement and will definitely ask about the cause. It can be any difficult financial situation to move to a new apartment. It is possible that you will propose to keep the phone but switch to a lower rate. You will have to decide. You will also tell you to pay for the phone "turn off", that is, to pay the remainder - for example, for the current month, for yesterday's talks, etc. most Often this can be done directly in the client center. There will tell you at what point the contract is terminated.