Contact the charitable Foundation or the volunteer movement. This option is suitable for those who want to personally travel to orphanages, but are willing to help with material resources or he wants to convey some things. The Fund's management will tell you about the orphanages they operate, and what assistance is required in each of them. Usually, in eachhouse of the orphan institution have a list of needs. It can be clothes, toys, household appliances, medicines, hygiene items. Often requires financial assistance for the repair or installation of Playground or athletic fields.
Decide how you want to help the children's home. You can personally purchase the items from a list of needs and forward it to the management of the Fund or the volunteers. Or you can transfer the funds. Foundation and the volunteers in turn are required to submit financial reports on the funds spent. If you want to help the orphans on a regular basis, you can be involved in one of the programs held by the Foundation. By the way, help to children's homes need not only material. You can show the children the play, to arrange a sports festival to conduct a master class.
If you want to go to the orphanage on a regular basis, take it to supervision. This can be done through the Fund, and you will act on his behalf. But you should allocate for travel time – at least once in two months, and the money to travel, purchase necessary. You can independently look for an institution in which so far the volunteers. For starters you can call the Director and arrange a preliminary meeting. Bring the kids a nice souvenir and guide will discuss your further cooperation. You will have the opportunity to see with your own eyes what the children need.