Calculate how much time has passed from the day of mating. Usually the term onset of labor – approximately 58-65 day. Pre-mark the calendar this time and try to arrange your Affairs so that you can be with your dog.
понять когда рожает кошка
Equip a place for the expectant mother and her offspring. As a rule, with the approaching date the dog becomes restless, carefully examines the dark corners, cabinets, drawers and other possible hiding places. If you notice such changes in her behavior, this means that you need to arrange the family nest. Best box out of thick plywood or planed boards with three boards, but you can take an ordinary box under the TV. Place it in a quiet, dry place with no drafts, on the bottom lay a newspaper and a soft cloth.
Как рожают кошки
Watch carefully for the well-being of the dog and its behavior. The first signs of labor – lowering body temperature by about one degree. If you notice that the dog got worried, went to equipped the place, beginning to dig, it means the babies are coming.
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Pay attention to the following phenomena: the appearance of mucus from the vagina suggests that the waste water, the dog panting may begin to whine, her belly falls, she will likely refuse to eat. Special attention should be given to young dogs, who give birth for the first time. They may not understand what was happening to him, start to rush and loud whine.
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Don't worry, ask outsiders to leave the room and watch the process. Labor can last for several hours, but usually not needed, the dog will do everything itself. If the female primipara, with the advent of the baby to help her break the amniotic bubble and cut the umbilical cord. Need to make sure that young inexperienced mother without giving puppies. If something went wrong, immediately call a specialist.
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