During sterilization, the cat loses the ability to reproduce, the removal of the ovaries. This process is using the animal to escape the torment, as constant estrus, which is inevitable without mating and hormonal drugs lead to inflammatory diseases of the genital organs of a cat.

The best age for sterilization

The most optimal age for sterilization is between 9 months to a year before you start the first heat. The sooner the surgery, the better for the health of the animal, but only when the animal is fully formed and strengthened. Pedigreed cats are sterilized after "breeding career", about 6-7 years. At the same time, to reduce the risks and evaluate the work of the kidneys and other organs are obligatory preliminary blood and urine.

How is sterilization

The operation is best done in a veterinary clinic, which has all the necessary equipment. When the cat is healthy and young, it is possible to remove only the ovaries, but if she already gave birth, you will need to remove the uterus, then don't be cancerous or purulent diseases.
Sterilization is not only surgical, but also radiation. In radiation sterilization, the ovaries of the cat are exposed to a certain directional radiation dose.

For sterilization requires a small abdominal operation. During the procedure, the doctor makes the cat a small incision in the abdomen or side, the hook pulls the ovaries, uterus and removes them. Such an operation is not dangerous for the life of the animal. It is performed under General anesthesia and takes half an hour. Before surgery you should not feed your cat for 12 hours.

The postoperative period

At home after surgery for a cat will need care and attention. A couple of days administered antibiotics to avoid infection. Seam closing, so he will heal faster, but if the animal starts to lick it actively, you have to wear a blanket. Do not have to allow the cat to move, jump. After recovery from anesthesia, you can give your pet some water and food it is better to wait. You can rastirat cat paws and ears to stimulate circulation. On the 10th day, the vet removes the stitches.
Spayed female cat prone to obesity, therefore, should not be overfeed. You also need to follow regular physical exercise.

In the future, spayed female cat is again active, cheerful. The attraction to cats reduced or completely disappear. The cat will no longer lose weight because of the heat, the coat will be normal. After sterilization, the cat, the owner and the pet will feel comfortable in the company of each other, thus extending the life of the animal.