As a sedative during pregnancy you can use herbal teas, including in its composition: motherwort, peppermint and Melissa. Melissa tea can be drunk after the baby is born, as it has sedative properties and increases the quantity of breast milk. Soothes ordinary tea with honey, especially if you add a little pinch of mint.
Most of the modern antianxiety drugs are based on plant materials, and they are allowed to be consumed during pregnancy. Such means include Valerian and motherwort in tablet form.
As a sedative means you can use essential oils. A beneficial effect of the oil softwood and sandalwood. Citrus oils not only soothe, but also give new strength, improve mood.
Sports have a positive effect on the body pregnant women. It is necessary to observe moderation, to prevent overloads and not to do dangerous exercises. Comforting will act long walks in the Park. If you want you can find a set of exercises designed specifically for expectant mothers.
Deep and calm breathing always save us from violent emotions. This is one of the simplest ways to calm down.
Popularity as the sedative becomes the meditation for pregnant women. It is a gradual rise of energy from the lower chakras to the upper. To perform the exercise you need in the Lotus position. You can practice ten minutes of meditation daily.
Sometimes excessive nervousness and anxiety are the result of a lack in the diet of vitamins of group B. Therefore, should eat more foods containing the b vitamins, and take vitamin-mineral supplements designed specifically for pregnant women.
Massage anti-stress point at the center of the chin helps to quickly calm down. The index finger in a circular motion having a massage in this order: nine times clockwise and nine times counterclockwise.