Advice 1: How to apply gel for shaving

Gel for shaving is a popular tool for men and women. Ironically, many use it not quite right, and therefore not as effectively as they could. How apply gel for shaving?
How to apply gel for shaving
You will need
  • - shaving gel;
  • water;
  • - shaving brush (optional).
Before applying the gel prepare for shaving. If you are a man and want to shave off his mustache or beard, wash with warm water and Pat your face with a clean towel. Wish to shave the head completely, it is recommended to hold it under a warm shower for 5-7 minutes, depending on thickness of hair. Girls to prepare for waxing different areas of the body should also take a shower or bath.
Squeezing on the hand with a small amount of gel in a circular motion spread it evenly over the surface of the skin. If the area you intend to shave, much overgrown with hair, they must first be cut and then lightly RUB the gel to the skin. You can do it with your fingers, without any special tools.
If applying the gel you used to use a shaving brush, at least choose one that is made using squirrel or badger hair. There is a perception that this accessory, if it is quality, should cost at least 20 USD, but this is at your discretion. Squeeze required amount of gel in a dish or other suitable container, soak the shaving brush to the water and rapidly spin them in a circle until you get a thick foam. Apply it on the selected area.
Leave the gel on the face for 1-2 minutes. During this time he has time to exert its positive effect. Only then start to shave. Apply immediately to the entire surface, which will remove the hair. While you are working on one plot, another will soften, hydrate and prepare for the procedure.
If the razor already has a special tool that functions similarly to shaving gel, you can do without the latter.
Useful advice
Correct shaving gel will help with such problems as dry and tight skin, hard and rough stubble and sensitive skin. It is important to choose a product suitable for your skin type.

Advice 2: Why crack the gel

Extended nails are made on the basis of the gel, very beautiful, have a glossy look with a natural Shine, their structure is similar to the structure of the natural nail. There are many advantages, but there is a bad time: gel nails are sometimes crack.
Why crack the gel
Cause of cracks on the gel nails may become substandard work of the master, his low qualification. Have a qualified nail must be all sorts of certificates, diplomas of special courses. The use of substandard material in the work also becomes a cause of cracking of the gel the next day. It is usually used in salons "economy class".

Gel nails are very fragile. Small enough mechanical action that accrued nail cracked. They need to be protected from various injuries. If this happens, something to repair the nail it is impossible: it is necessary to remove and build new. It is better to avoid self-withdrawal, leave that to the professionals.

Cracked under artificial fingernail can crack and the natural nail. A gel nail is difficult to remove is very long and tedious. It can not be cut with scissors (can crack), and the need to gradually cut down, and it's not very pleasant procedure for the hostess nails. After removing the gel, natural nail first cure, give it a rest, and then increasing again.

Gel nails are quite thick. When regrowth of the natural nail forms a visible boundary that needs to be constantly adjusted (to put an additional layer of gel). Late correction will lead to the displacement of the center of gravity of the artificial nail. This can cause damage, so you should periodically return to the center of gravity to its original position.
Sudden temperature changes, hormonal drugs or antibiotics can cause the violation of polymerization that will lead to the crack on the nail. You need to avoid visiting saunas, baths, going without gloves in winter, limit the intake of medications.

Advice 3: Why does the gel

To make the nail easy, not in the sense that it is a complex operation, and that to find a good master nail stylist (the person who will do the building, and then applied to the image) is quite difficult, all his time is planned in the months ahead. And not just because of wanting to make this procedure a lot, because it is so popular today. But because artificial nails require constant correction, because the nail plate grows throughout life.
Why does the gel
Nail extensions are done using different materials: acrylic, gel, silk. Helium building is a long enough process in which a gel applied to the nails in layers and then each layer is dried under a UV lamp. Sometimes it lasts a few hours.The more a shame, if so hard made the nails begin to stratify. The reasons here may be several.The first group of causes exfoliation gel nails are physiological. Gel nails are built up solely to healthy nail plate. Not everyone knows about the problems of their nails, just don't pay attention. However, the real master should see unhealthy stripes, spots, etc. and to warn the client. Sometimes exfoliation is simply because the nail plate does not take the gel, especially the first time. Subsequent correction allows you to correct the situation. Another physiological cause is allergies. Before applying the gel, the client must also be warned about this.The most common cause of exfoliation should still be considered low-quality material used for building. Sometimes the wizard save, and sometimes save clients. And yet, if you want gel nails were perfect, use a good quality gel.The qualifications of the master is also of importance when building. This specialist pays attention to every detail and strictly, we can say, carefully perform all the instructions for applying. Even the size of the brush matters!And the last one. Gel nails are very flexible. But they do not sustain the exercise, which some ladies they are subjected to. If you have gel nails, you should not use them as a screwdriver or brush. Detergents belong to the category of aggressive fluids, use rubber gloves. And if your job requires constant use of the fingertips (are you the pianist or work on the computer), consult with the master about the optimum shape and length of nails.

Advice 4: The choice of shaving tools: foam or gel?

To shave stubble using only the machine, not very comfortable. Shaving tools allow not only to get rid of regrown hairs, they have a calming, moisturizing effect on the skin. Used to care can foam or gel what is the difference between these products?
The choice of shaving tools: foam or gel?
When selecting a gel, foam or balm, shaving is necessary to consider the skin type of the person. For sensitive, prone to inflammation and acne the skin best suited gel. Its clear texture allows you to see all the flaws, so to touch a razor pimple will be more difficult. Foam also helps to speed up the shaving process, the machine will be easier to glide over the skin.
After applying the gel or foam you will need to wait a couple of minutes to soak in and slightly softened stubble.

The pros and cons of gel and foam shaving

The main difference between shaving foam and gel will be, of course, the structure of the funds. Foam similar to the air mass to squeeze it from the bottle, shake it and press the dispenser. Shaving gel should be applied exclusively to wet skin because of its viscous substance. Similar to jelly tool must be distributed evenly. While the foam does not need whipping and to achieve a neat application, so you can shave with it comfortably even when you are in a hurry.

Foam is not as economical as the gel, the latest product of more concentrated. Therefore, the vials with the gel will be the best choice for those who are forced to shave often. To use the gel for oily skin, because in its composition a little oil. Like the foam, colored or transparent gel when applied to slightly foam.

Foam is not well suited for dry skin because it evaporates quickly from the surface, consequently, the risk to injure the skin above. And gel, and foam leave a pleasant aroma.

How to choose shaving product

Gels and foams for shaving different brands fulfill an important function – degreasing the surface of the hair before removal. So if you are used to one tool and it suits you in all respects, do not succumb to the marketing trick of the cosmetic companies and change the gel to foam or Vice versa. It is important that the means for skin care provided comfort during removal of the bristles.
For disinfection of the skin during shaving, you can choose foam or gel with antibacterial characteristics.

By using shaving you can cope with the irritation of the skin or to eliminate small cuts. In this case, you need to choose gel or foam compounds of silicone. Products such faster heal wounds, as well as the composition will allow the machine without problems glide over the skin.

Advice 5: How to apply contraceptive gel

Contraceptive gel is a temporary non-hormonal means of contraception. Such a method of protection from unwanted pregnancy based on the action of chemical substances, it is used during sexual intercourse or shortly before it. These tools include gels "Benateks", "Patentex Oval".
How to apply contraceptive gel

The use of contraceptive gels

In contrast to regularly take oral contraceptives and barrier contraception, which can sometimes be impossible, the contraceptive gel is used according to the situation. The reliability of this method will depend on the active substance and the proper use of funds. The active substance of the gel "Benateks" is benzalkonium chloride, gel "Patentex Oval" - nonoxynol. These funds have a high degree of protection from unwanted pregnancy. The big advantage of gels "Benateks and Patentex Oval" is a gentle effect on a woman's body. The use of these funds does not violate the hormonal balance, has antibacterial, antifungal effect. Spermicidal and bactericidal action is manifested by destruction of cell membranes of sperm, microorganisms.

For reviews contraceptive gels are easy to use, even before the action takes a relatively short time. Too long period of drug administration to the moment when the sexual act can be called secured, could have a negative impact on libido. A woman can always use these contraceptives discreetly from the partner. It is very important to apply the "Benateks and Patentex Oval", following the instructions in the preparations. Gel inserted into the vagina using the dispenser-applicator in supine position. When you use "Benateks", "Patentex Oval" the minimum waiting time will be only eight to ten minutes. The effect lasts up to 10 hours.
When you use the gel, "Patentex Oval" it should be remembered that the introduction of tools needs to be repeated before each act of intercourse.

Features of use of contraceptive gels

For reviews, contraceptive gels "Benateks and Patentex Oval" can cause an allergic reaction, so before use it is advisable to test for allergies. If within the hour appears intense itching, swelling, burning, these drugs should not be used. When using gels "Benateks" or "Patentex Oval" must take into account the fact that these funds will not be able to protect from infections that are transmitted sexually.
Contraceptive gels are more suitable for women with reduced vaginal secretion, with abundant secretions better to use the pills.

These contraceptives are not absorbed, while intravaginal administration, they are removed from the normal physiological secretions or simple cleaning with water. It should also be borne in mind that alkaline soap, any personal hygiene can greatly reduce the contraceptive effect.
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