You will need
  • - shaving gel;
  • water;
  • - shaving brush (optional).
Before applying the gel prepare for shaving. If you are a man and want to shave off his mustache or beard, wash with warm water and Pat your face with a clean towel. Wish to shave the head completely, it is recommended to hold it under a warm shower for 5-7 minutes, depending on thickness of hair. Girls to prepare for waxing different areas of the body should also take a shower or bath.
Squeezing on the hand with a small amount of gel in a circular motion spread it evenly over the surface of the skin. If the area you intend to shave, much overgrown with hair, they must first be cut and then lightly RUB the gel to the skin. You can do it with your fingers, without any special tools.
If applying the gel you used to use a shaving brush, at least choose one that is made using squirrel or badger hair. There is a perception that this accessory, if it is quality, should cost at least 20 USD, but this is at your discretion. Squeeze required amount of gel in a dish or other suitable container, soak the shaving brush to the water and rapidly spin them in a circle until you get a thick foam. Apply it on the selected area.
Leave the gel on the face for 1-2 minutes. During this time he has time to exert its positive effect. Only then start to shave. Apply immediately to the entire surface, which will remove the hair. While you are working on one plot, another will soften, hydrate and prepare for the procedure.