You will need
  • - stain with the function of removing odor;
  • - antibacterial powder;
  • - salt;
  • - vinegar;
  • - citric acid;
  • - hyposulphite.
If the smell of children's urine soaked some thing, for example, upholstery fabric of the sofa or chair, look for her spot. Use the stain remover with the function of removing odor. Apply the product in small amount on a cloth and wait until, until the active components of the remover does not eliminate the smell and the stain. Remember that stain remover and bleach are two different things, not confuse them, otherwise, instead of stains and unpleasant smell you get a hole in the fabric or faded color.
Well rinse things with the smell of children's urine in the water before washing in the machine, the powder a is optional. This is to ensure that most of the urine went away. If you put clothes immediately into the washing machine, they will fade in concentrate urine, diluted with water and the smell disappears. You can rinse in a basin or using a short program in the washing machine.
Press the clothes and wash them at a temperature corresponding to the type of fabric. Add a little more than normal powder and pre-wash cycle.
If, after washing the smell still not gone, use any antibacterial powder or detergent for baby clothes. They contain special substances that eliminate odors. Use them in accordance with the instructions printed on the package.
You can try to use and folk remedies for removing the smell of children's urine. They are applied directly on the stain before washing. Prepare the salt solution (dissolve 1 tbsp of salt 200 ml of water), use vinegar or citric acid (1 tsp per Cup of water), prepare the hyposulphite solution (1 tsp of the substance to 200 ml of liquid). After you apply these solutions, wait 10-15 minutes and wash things with soap and water.