You will need
  • vacuum cleaner
  • - washing powder
  • brush
  • - carpet cleaner
  • - vinegar
  • - paper napkins
If you decide to get rid of the smell in the carpet, make first thorough cleaning, after which you will be able to take care of certain spots, for example, traces of pet urine.
Thoroughly vacuum the carpet. It is best to use a special nozzle with rotating turbo brush, sweeps out dust and dirt from the lower layers of the pile.
Wet the carpet with a brush or spray gun. Scatter it with a thin layer of washing powder. RUB the powder with a wet brush for the pile. Wait a couple of hours, so the carpet has dried, go over it again with a vacuum cleaner, collecting at this time, particles of dirty powder. Hang the carpet outside and let it air out during the day.
If the carpet is left smelling unpleasant stains left by a cat or a dog, treat them with ordinary vinegar. Dilute acid with water, thoroughly wet the stain. Fold it over a few paper napkins, well, pull them to the floor. Keep changing the cloths until the stain is almost dry. The smell of urine will disappear and the vinegar smell will go away by itself. If not, samite this place again with the help of washing powder.
In addition of vinegar to get rid of, sprinkle soaked them place baking soda. The soda will react with the acid. Released during this gas will carry away with him the last of the odor, and the dried up soda, you will collect all the same vacuum cleaner.